Laerskool  De Vrije Zee  Primary School         


Life Orientation Department

Learning outcomes

LO 1: Health Promotion

The learner will be able to make informed decisions regarding persona, community and environmental health.

LO 2: Social Development

The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to constitutional rights and responsibilities and to show an understanding of diverse cultures and religions.

LO 3: Personal Development

The learner will be able to use acquired skills to achieve and extend personal potential to respond effectively to challenges in his or her world.

LO 4: Physical Development and Movement

The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of and participate in activities that promote movement and physical development.

LO 5: Orientation to the World of Work

The leaner will be able to make informed decisions about further study and career choices.The Foundation and Intermediate Phase cover only the first four learning outcomes, while the Senior Phase includes all five Outcomes.

Assessment standards: The assessment standards are ways in which learners demonstrate the achievement of the Life Orientation Learning Outcomes. There are twenty assessment standards for grade four to six and twenty five assessment standards for grade seven to nine.

Time allocation: 2 hours a week.

The aim of life orientation is to empower the learners:

- to use their talents to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential.

- learners will develop skills to relate positively and make a contribution to family, community and society, while practicing the values embedded in the Constitution.

- they will learn to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities, to  respect the rights of others and show tolerance for cultural and religious diversity in order to build a democratic society.

Types of activities that should be included in the learner's portfolio:

- investigations

- presentations

- assignments

- projects

- tests