Laerskool  De Vrije Zee  Primary School         


Mission Statement / Missiestelling


To make provision for a learning environment in which the learners may be stimulated with full self-confidence to develop to their full potential as balanced citizens of our country.  

To instil a sense of co-operation, ownership and mutual responsibility between all the role players.  

To recognise the full potential in each learner and to develop, by means of an excellent variety of learning materials, learning programmes and learning experiences, a range of opportunities which is based upon the learners’ fields of interest.  

To afford the learners the opportunity of partaking in a variety of learning experiences which will equip them to meet the demands and challenges with which they will be faced each day.  

To empower each educator to encourage diversity, creativity and dedication in the learners, resulting in being part of a dynamic and happy team which will use each opportunity and learning aid to educate each individual learner in totality, thus preparing him/her for the future.  

To establish a creative/productive school community in which the learners, the educators and the parents are closely involved as partners.