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De Vrije Zee Sport

Participation in sport

At DVZ we want to give each learner the opportunity to take part in a sport of their choice. We believe in the holistic development of each learner.

The learners of DVZ are exposed to a variety of activities/sport.

Missie vir sport by DVZ

Ons as opvoeders streef om deur middel van geselekteerde praktiese en teoretiese leerinhoud, die leerders tot die handhawing van 'n sinvol, gesonde en fisiek-aktiewe lewenswyse op te voed.

  • Summer sport: Athletics, Cricket, Tennis
  • Winter sport: Cross country, Rugby, Netball
  • Both seasons: Karate

Karate teaches you to defend yourself in a situation. It doesn't teach you to fight! It also teaches you self-discipline. (Dinamiet kom in klein pakkies!)

Teams/athletes have the opportunity to take part in matches or meetings - this level of exposure forms excellent building blocks for the future. It teaches participants a variety of skills: good sportsmanship, self-discipline, responsibility, commitment, how to handle criticism and much more.

Please encourage your child to take part in sport - A healthy body houses a healthy mind.

The manner in which you balance the discipline of work and play will determine the pleasure and purpose of your life.Every child at DVZ is welcome. 

We are excited about Saturday's Sport Day at our Sports grounds at Milton Road.  Hope to see you there...