Learner received a lockdown booklet and instructions for the English and Mathematics DBE workbooks. Please spend time with your child working through these. Booklets must be returned to school next term please. Enjoy this time with your family and most important be safe! Wash your hands, stay home as far as possible and keep a safe distance if you need to go out for essentials. 


Timetables NB!

Write timetable tests each day. (Make flashcards)


Focus on analogue and digital time. Work with clocks (take out the batteries) and ask questions or make your own. 

How to make a clock

Revision of work done in term 1 – adding, subtracting and multiplication sums – use the breaking down method (see examples in DBE workbook.) 

Blue DBE book as instructed in the handout. Learners may continue with term 2’s work.



Encourage learners to keep a daily diary of their time in lockdown. 

Listening to stories

READ READ READ!!!! Reading has an impact on so many aspects of learning. Read different types of texts. Recipes, newspaper articles, fairy tales even Bible stories. Reading improves vocabulary, spelling, imagination etc. 

Spelling – learners have spelling lists in their flip files. Study the words. Make sentences using these words. 

DBE workbooks as instructed in lockdown booklet. Learners may continue with term 2’s work.


Luister na stories


  • Luister na die stories (maak ‘n prentjie in jou kop.)
  • Luister na die woorde.
  • Teken ‘n prentjie oor die storie.
  • Vertel die storie oor aan iemand anders.


  • Hervertel die storie aan die leerder. 
  • Verduidelik moeilike woorde.
  • Vra ‘n paar vrae oor die storie (ouers kan self ‘n klein begripstoets opstel)




National Geographic story about Nelson Mandela

https://www.natgeokids.com/za/discover/history/general-history/nelson-mandela/ (article)

Mahatma Gandhi

https://www.ducksters.com/biography/mohandas_gandhi.php (article)