Blue DBE (rainbow) book pages:

P.36-39 adverts; P.44-45 simple and complex sentences. 

P.46-48 persuasive texts – p. 48 is a mind map for writing your own persuasive text. Use it to plan a text on “Why everyone should stay inside during lockdown.” 

P. 61 prepositions and similes. 

P.70-73+ 76 instructions. 

P.77 how I spend my typical day (during lockdown) 

P.108-113 read a story, write a diary entry of a day in lockdown, plan and write a story.


Continue to revise Time Tables…  1 – 12

Revise all work done in class

DBE books (Rainbow Books)…All work up to p38 + Roman 

Numeral number pages MUST be first completed as given last term…

Now you can continue with the following…


Make sure you can read an analogue clock with the 2 hands(arms)

Long arm = minutes / Short arm = hours

Analogue time- 12 hour time… eg I wake up at 6:30 am/ I go to bed at 9:30 pm

Digital time- 24 hour time…eg 06:30 and 21:30


P46/47/48: Calenders… 4 weeks= 1 month / 52 weeks= 1 year

P50 No 1 and 2: Convert minutes… 1min= 60 sec / 60 min = 1 hour

P51  No 3 and 4: 24 hours = 1 day / 365 d = 1 year/ 366 d = 1 Leap year

P52  No 7 Centuries…100 years = 1century

REMEMBER…half hour = 60 divided by 2 = 30 min

                         Quarter hour = 60 divided by 4 = 15 min

                         One fifth hour = 60 divided by 5 = 12 min


Revise the names of the 2D shapes according to the number of sides and angles(Gr5 work)

Symmetry…broken line…halve the shape so the two halves are reflections of one another

P54- curved and straight sides

P55- Draw shapes

P56- No 1/2/3/4

Circles… use a compass if you have one at home…study the information 

P60- draw

P61/ 62- draw

P63- Practise the example given…step by step


P64/ 65- Tally table/ Pie chart

P68- Bar Graph

P69- Pie chart

P70/ 71- Questionares


P72 – 75


P76 -83

Please complete previous work that was given

Use your DBE workbook(Rainbow Book)


P86  no1 a to f…Look at the two examples given before you complete

P87  a to d…use example 2

P88  no 1;2;3;4…follow the examples that are given

P89  no 5 a and b…follow example 1(Gr 5 method)

P90  no a to i… Expanded notation(breaking up the number)

P91  no 2a;b;c…Look at the example on p90 before you try