Under the provisions of Section 40 of the South African School Act 1996, a parent is liable to pay school fees as determined by a resolution adopted by the majority of parents at our general meeting.   

Under provisions of 30 (3) of the Act, the School Governing Body must implement this resolution. Under the provisions of section 41 of the Act, the School Governing Body, may by process of law, enforce the payment of fees by parents who are liable to pay. 

In accordance with the act, a parent’s meeting with the School Governing Body is held annually for approval of the budget and school fees for the following year. 

A parent and/or guardian is liable to pay the school fees determined in terms of section 39 unless or to the extent that he or she has been exempted from payment in terms of the Act. 

It is charged monthly and the account will be sent home with your child. You are obliged to make sure that you receive your statement. If, for some reason, you did not receive it, it does not mean that the fees are not payable.