A big challenge in schools today is the lack of values which lead to a breakdown of order and discipline in schools. It has been proven in countless behaviour management models that the biggest contributing factor is a lack of social skills and moral values amongst many of our learners. Teaching social skills and basic values  has become an integral  part of our education curriculum at school. This is a vital component in preparing our students for life (during) and after school, but it impacts on how much time is left to teach the academic curriculum. Most schools are busy with some manner of values programme (which forms part of the life skills curriculum). 

Core Values that have been identified

Pride and Loyalty:  Purple  

Respect:  Yellow 

Caring:  Red 

Fairness:  Orange 

Trustworthiness:  Blue 

Responsibility – Commitment:  Green 

These values will receive ongoing attention during the year and parents are encouraged to mention these value to learners on a daily basis.