The tuck-shop has proven to be a lucrative tool within the school setting, being run efficiently and having a decent stock range on offer. Pricing is done on a fair basis and generates an acceptable profit for the school.

The challenge facing us is the following:

  • Lack of sufficient personal to serve scholars.

The way forward would be to tackle the above challenge. The most simple solution would be to enlist the help of parents/guardians or relatives of the scholars on a roster basis. The optimum situation would be to obtain the services of volunteers on a daily basis. This would go a long way to solving the challenges listed above.

The tuck-shop introduced healthy options, such as fruit, muesli and yoghurt, whole-wheat sandwiches and even vegetables on burgers and in wraps. As far as possible, we are mainly selling slow releasing energy sweets (all jelly types).  All our beverages are approved by the Heart Foundation and are in children friendly sizes.  

The menu consists of: burgers, wraps, whole-wheat sandwiches, noodles, hot dogs, samoosas and pizza (halaal options available). Please take note that muesli and yoghurt will be available throughout the week. 

Parents and community members are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their children. De Vrije Zee Primary would value the partnership of parents in helping to enrich the lives of the students.

We are looking forward to your valued support.